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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 22, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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hour. two battleground states in focus as the president heads to ohio today. the gop presidential candidates prepare to faceoff in florida. declaring his innocence all the way up to his last breath, troy davis is executed despite strong evidence pointing to his possible innocent. could his be a turning point in the death penalty debate. >> what i saw tonight, what jason and the macphail family saw tonight and what your i colleagues the journalists saw tonight was indeed a legal lynching. >> good morning, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. great to have you with me today. a business di day in politic and on wall street. we want to get you up to speed because the dow is down over 300 points in market trading this morning. we will have a live report from cnbc in a moment. starting off this morning, president obama heads to ohio this afternoon to stump for his jobs bill. he will make his pitch for a
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half trillion dollars in tax cuts, public works projects. this as the president faces down new poll numbers. these numbers show a majority slight majority of americans blag blaming him for the sagging economy. we want to start with the hostage taking and the fears of a government shut down as a critical funding bill suffers a surprising defeat. the short-term spending measure to fund the government through november 18th didn't make enough cuts. democrats rejected the bill because it didn't offer enough disaster relief. they may try again today and we will hear from house speaker boehner in a few moments but is this a tie en00 sign that boehner has lost control of his caucus? let's check in with policy analyst ezra klein. this was a rare bipartisan rebuke of the house leadership.
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does this give leverage to democrats? >> we should say from the beginning, for him to lost control he would have had to first have it. he brings these bills to the floor and they simply go down. it is not something that would happen under nancy pelosi or tom delay either. whether it gives them leverage for fema funding depends if he decides the way to get it going and to go to the left or to the right and then force one of these government shut down negotiations and maybe some other concessions get made and finally in the 11th hour we pass it and go through the senate, too. remember, whatever goes through the house will have to pass a democratically-controlled senate. there are a couple of chapters death yet to be written. >> other spooem speakers that have gone before him, political coe had a story referencing gop lawmaker saying this would have never happened when tom delay, the hammer speaker.
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do you think this is a regular bump in the road or is he in trouble? >> it depends what you mean real trouble. speaker boehner is not a speaker at a fun time. he is presiding over factioned caucus. it isn't clear to me that the tea party would do what they want them to do. they don't have loyalty to them and they see one of their markers of authenticity that occasionally they throw up the yolks and vote in ways people do not expect. whether or not that will put him in trouble, i don't think it puts him in jeopardy in terms of the speakership but it is continuation of his inability to move things forward with and in terms of being a successful speaker who gets things done, that puts him in some trouble. >> i want to talk about the gop house versus the fed. the fed announcing it is
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launching $400 billion operation twist. what is the gop strategy? is it to do nothing? >> the strategy is to intimidate the fechltd yesterday or two days ago, boehner, mcdonnell sent a letter to bernanke and said we don't want you to do anything more and send this to your colleague on the floor. if you keep trying to stimulate the economy we may be in power in a couple of years and you may have made an enemy out of the republican party. the fed said that is not how we make our decision and went not only with operation twist but continue to buy mortgage-backed securities in order to support the housing market. more so than twist withes that was unexpected and showed they are willing to exceed expectations even in the face of political pressure. >> ezra klein, nice to see you this morning. thank you. operation twist not having the desired affect on wall street. the fed planned to drive down
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long-te interest rates. take a look. the dow is down 337, ticking back and forth this. all 30 dow jones industrial average stocks are down. brian sullivan is joining me to talk about this t. european shares were down today. the numbers are bad as we see in morning trading. what mix of factors are creating the plunge? it is a fulmen you and i will give you the menu why stocks are taking a hit around the world. the appetizer is europe. continued concern about european banks, greek debt. a lot of fear around europe that maybe they are like us in 2008. the entree is the fed. you talked about operation twist an obscure bond shifting program. the market doesn't care. it focused on what the fed said which it sees serious down side risk to the economy.
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the fed spooked everybody. and then the dessert which is continued dysfunction junction. with the continuing resolution, you put them together and you have a lousy entree. >> let's talk about the euro zone and why can't germany seem to pull all of them out of this? >> you look at all of the banks that are so interconnected and what happened here in 2008 with. suddenly people thought, oh, my gosh, the supposedly safe wall street banks are holding enough we didn't know about. that's what is going on in europe. the german banks are probably okay. greece can't get its balance sheet in order. a lot of fears about greets going to the banks and saying, sorry, guys we can't pay back at least part of what we owe you and that's what the fear is about. you take your pick. it's a bad menu. leaving a lot of indigestion today. >> we'll fast for today. >> i'm hungry now.
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>> you look hungry and sad over there. we will have to send you a milk shake or something. >> please. today supporters of try davis are mourning the death of a man they say was wrongly executed by the state of georgia. he was executed for the murder of an off duty police officer. after seven of the nine witnesses recanted their original stories, thousands around the world questioned davis' guilt. for many, especially his supporters the execution has brought a big question to the forefront. >> should we really still be doing this? should there be a death penalty? a lot of countries have aboli abolished it. three states have abolished it. georgia should be next. >> joining me now is a vanna guthrie and professor mark hills. how will the exkugts of davis
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impact the national conversation of the death penalty in the country. >> in some ways i think the fact we are having the conversation means it has had an impact. the fact of the matter, the death penalty has been falling out of favor. haven't seen as many death sentences handed down and as many execution after hitting a high in the '90s part of it is publicity around people who were exonerated, the use of dna. it is an interesting time to have this debate. people are expressing misgiving about the death penalty. if you look at polls 60% of americans support the death penalty. this case is one that raises a lot of questions because there seems to be so much doubt in the record when you have seven of nine witnesses later coming back and recanting. i would note, though, those witnesses were heard by several courts and saw the affidavits. one court heard from the
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witnesses and ultimately rejected their changed testimony. so in some way we have to remember that troy davis did get to present the defense he wanted to present before a court of law. >> the death penalty is an emotional topic. look at what the managing editor of the wrote today america stands nearly alone in the western world as a killer of its prisoners in continuing to exkuts people. even if you support the death penalty the idea of put putting to death the wrong man should be unsettling. how big of a role does our standing impact the death penalty debate? does it help or hurt us? especially when we are at the u.n. talking about human rights around the globe. >> it makes us look hypocritical. even before the level of execution. even death row occupants you have to talk about mass incarceration. north korea, iraq, iran.
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we incarcerate more than all of them combined. we have one in 100 american adults under criminal supervision or incarcerated. we incarcerate more than any other nation in human history and our commitment to executing them at a rate here to for unseen compromises our moral authority. it is absurdly ironic for us to complain about human rights violations at the same moment we are executing our own citizens every single week, month and year. >> a lot of people stepped up to speak out about this. the former warden asked for the state to halt the execution. take a listen to what he had to say to our ed shultz. >> if you are a man of conscience, actually believe somebody is guilty, it is still a very premeditated murder. it's scripted and rehearsed.
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it's about as premeditated as any killing you can do. >> how does that kind of sentiment impact the debate? especially from a warden. is that what it will take, the wardens, people who have had the front line of history about this to come together to talk about the legality, the emotion and where justice can be found? >> i think when it comes from those who have worked in the system or take tn contrary position on the death penalty before it is more convincing. in this case for example you have a former fbi director who said i don't think we should execute troy davis. the bottom line is i think the death penalty to some degree is falling out of favor. when it was reinstated and came in to use in this country again it was a time when life terms didn't really mean life. they would get a life sentence but only spend 20 years and in the worse cases they would strike again. so people started to think the death penalty is the only way to
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ensure this doesn't happen. now every state has the life without the possibility of parole. life means life and i think that's why a lot of people are having second thoughts about the death penalty. >> thank you to both of you. we will have more on mst msnbc, a lot to talk about because rick perry and mitt romney aren't waiting until the next debate to go at each other. they don't have a long time to wait. the next debate is tonight. the attacks feel all the more urgent. hd. yeah, i toog nyguil bud i'm stild stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth! ♪ [ dog barks ] [ birds chirping ] ♪
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welcome back. new poll numbers reveal how the republican primary is shaping up in a crucial state. mitt romney is holding steady with voters while rick perry
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surged ahead for a six-point lead. you can see the breakdown there. things look brighter for romney in florida. election matchup there, he has a 7 point lead on president obama. perry is keeping it close with the president, just two points behind. round three in the national spotlight. the texas governor reached front runner status despite mixed results with his fellow gop candidates. i am joined this morning to talk about this. let's get to a it. break down the numbers. mitt romney is close in the polls but hasn't moved the dial with florida voters since the last poll and perry's lead grows if sarah palin isn't factored in to this, which is still a big factor. this is the big state for the primary season. >> no question about it. there are so many polls out there and so many conversations. but to your point about florida about rick perry and mitt
11:17 am
romney. in florida there are two constituencies that they are trying to vie for. one the jewish vote. two, the senior vote, if you will. what rick perry has done, he's done a good job of creating a wedge issue between he and mitt romney on two things, one health air care and two social security. it will be interesting to see how romney will attack mr. perry on those two issues and i suspect looking at the talking points, rick perry will say mitt romney, this is obama 2.0. this will be an interesting conversation between the two front runners on the issues. >> we will watch. karen, more bad news for barack obama. look at this. he has a 58% disapproval rating in florida. 53% say he doesn't deserve a second term. that mirrors a national poll that shows nearly half plan to vote against him.
11:18 am
how worried should the obama administration be about looking at these numbers? >> they should be very worried which is why i have always said since this all blew up that he has to take his measures to the people. as long as he stands in front of the american people and is clear, focused an strong on what he wants to get done and how and why they are not getting done he does well. yesterday at the clinton event beautiful. and at the u.n. beautiful. when he allows republicans to send the messages is when he gets hurt. the other poll is head to head. the president does well against perry, very well against perry in the general and well against mitt romney. so while 50% of the people say they are not going to vote for. who are they going to vote for? >> can i follow up on that for a second. >> yeah. jump in. >> i will challenge karen a little bit. what is interesting is when the president speaks, people, to her point, people are drawn to him
11:19 am
in terms of what he says and how beautifully he speaks but there seems to be a disconnect in peoples lives because they are saying i like the president and enjoy him being in the white house and believe he has my good intentions at heart. however, when it comes to reality and me living paycheck to paycheck and unemployment 9.1% there's a disconnect there. >> i totally disagree. >> don't you think, karen, there is a point to be made, the fact that to president obama a lot of americans are saying there's nothing personal here. this is business. >> i think many americans who are saving their homes because of a plan the president put in, people are able to go to school because of the plan that the president put in. if he can get in front of the american people and list the things he's done over the last 2 1/2 years, then i think he will have a better chance at winning in the general. i think the republicans are offering nothing. >> let's get back to that. as we have been talking about, there is a debate month florida. candidates are on the offense. listen to the texas governor
11:20 am
last night. >> we need to nominate someone who will have a stark, clear difference between the republican nominee and president obama. we don't need to nominate obama light. we don't need to nominate someone who's going to blur the lines between president obama and our nominee. >> obama light. so linking romney to the president. is that the best offense right now? >> absolutely for perry. no question about it. romney's issue is, as i said before -- his comments will be this is obama 2.0. he is flip flopping on health care and abortion and gay marriage when he was the governor of massachusetts. so a lot of people don't understand or do not know where mitt romney stand on the critical issues of the day. what perry will say and what his theme will be is you stick with me and you will always know where i stand and you will always know that i'm a proud
11:21 am
conservative. thus n the process, you have a choice republican primary voters. you can choose between solid like a rock or floppy like a fish. >> or george bush light. >> let's get to the president, though because as we talk about what he is doing today, he is heading to ohio to sell his economic policies. listen to this. what bill clinton said this morning. >> i don't think it is class warfare to ask me and people in our high-income groups to pay more simply because we have the lion's share of the benefits with income growth and tax cuts. >> i would they would adopt a budget plan a year ago but it should trigger in when there is enough economic growth that we can handle it. >> is he former president undermining obama there? >> i think they have a secret plan to put hillary in. probably. >> tell us how you really feel, karen. >> no. >> you don't want to? cat got your tongue.
11:22 am
>> it is always curious when the clintons talk about this president. it is one of these we support him but -- the banana peel waiting for him to slip on. >> robert, your thoughts. >> bill clinton is at his best when he is able to speak unscripted and able to connect to the audience and that's the bill clinton we know and love. he is able to articulate his complex thoughts in a simplistic way and that has been a criticism of him he is too professorial and obviously he was able to do it in a better way. >> i am going to get karen to tell me what she really thinks when the mike is off. >> trying to get me fired. >> no, i'm not. space junk to earth. the defunct six-ton satellite is hurling toward earth and we have information on where it is expected to hit. we will tell you what's going to happen. maybe it won't even hit. back after this.
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newly freed american hikers, shane bauer and josh wrosh are reconnecting with their family. their families reunited with their loved ones on wednesday at this emotional celebration after arriving in oman. >> we are so happy we are free and so relieved we are free. our deepest gratitude goes toward his majesty, sultan of oman for obtaining our release. we are sincerely grateful that the government of oman are hosting us and our families. >> two years in prison is too long and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in america and iran. as josh was referencing there the sultan of oman paid
11:27 am
the bail to guarantee the release of the two men. they had been jailed since 2009 on charges of espionage and illegally crossing iran's border. right now, thousands of iranian americans are outside of the united nations building to protest the presence of iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad. a short time from now, he is set to address the u.n. generalcy s -- general assembly. in years gone by he's insinuated the american government was behind 9/11 and claimed homosexuality doesn't exist in iran. and can we expect more of the same today? i am joined now by bobby goesh. what do you expect today? >> if anything it is set up so he is probably going to be even more inflammatory. understand he is coming to new york, the weakest he's ever been in his presidency.
11:28 am
the arab spring is completely destroyed his hopes of extending iranian influence in the arab world. he's having tremendous difficulty with his greatest ally, syria, which is in meltdown. and at home he's having sort of serious competition with the clergy, with the alternative power. he is coming to new york. he's very weak. even the episode where he released scott and josh. they announced they were going to be released immediately and the clergy said no, they are not. they are questioning him and pushing him. he is coming here with his back the the wall and when people have their back to the wall they often lash out. i think he will be inflammatory and play to his audience back home and throw them red meat. >> abbas pushing for a statehood and wants a u.n. vote on that issue but the white house wants peace talks with israel when it
11:29 am
comes to that issue. how does this play in to and factor in to what we may hear from mahmoud ahmadinejad today? >> he is probably going to grab palestine as the issue he makes the most news with. he knows it is something that iranians care about. it is at the top of the u.n. agenda. i would expect him to latch on to that and say something about israel, like he has done many times before, but say something about israel and palestine that will make the headlines. >> appreciate it. a programming note to everybody. we will have susan rice joining andrea mitchell at 1:00 p.m. stick with msnbc for that. house speaker boehner just wrapped up a news conference on captiol hill, slamming the president as he tries to rally his own caucus to avert a government shut down. we will have more on what boehner has to say here on msnbc. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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welcome back. let's look at the markets because it is a rough day as we
11:33 am
look at what is happening on wall street. the dow is down 370. the s&p down by 35. and the nasdaq down by 66. we'll continue to watch it. frightened investors are fretting about how long the global economic slump is going to last. we can see it's really tough as early-morning trading is taking place today. speaker boehner just discussed the failed continuing resolution vote yesterday where 48 house republicans went against their leadership and helped to vote the measure down. the speaker pointed the finger in the other direction. >> we had every reason to believe our counterparts across the aisle were supportive. once they began to deceive where some of our votes were, they started to play politics and vote against disaster relief for millions of americans who have been affected by this. we're going to meet with our members later on today, and present some options and decide on a way forward.
11:34 am
>> of course we will watch what happens on hill as well as president obama who is heading to ohio today for a speech on jobs. here's the other headlines we are following in the news now. starting with this, fireworks at the trial of bob ward on wednesday. the millionaire accused of fatally shooting his wife. the defendant was ordered to be quiet by the judge after an outburst during an argument about life insurance policy. he interrupted the court during a discussion about his wife's death. >> you were not there when your mother ended up shot in the face? >> ward apologized to the court after seeing his daughter brought to tears by his comments. good news for the family of bryan stowe, the man severely beaten at a baseball game this california. he is able to speak after major surgery a week ago. doctors are keeping a close eye on his continued progress. a startling beginning to the
11:35 am
testimony of the trial of joshua komisarjevsky, the man accused of killing a mother and her two daughters in a 2007 home invasion. workers caused an evacuation after accidentally setting off a fire alarm in the courthouse. this morning, connecticut jurors will hear the chilling end to a confession from joshua komisarjevsky. and a dead satellite the size of a school bus getting closer to earth. an amateur astronomer recorded images of as it tumbles to earth. the best guess it will fall on friday but where. nasa says it can track it. if you are worried you can go and log on their website and see for yourself what their predictions are. today is a day 0 celebrate. lady liberty in new york, nicholas car co
11:36 am
nicholas sarkozy and mayor bloomberg met today. the end of don't ask, don't tell has made it a historic week for the military. patrick murphy is joining me now. it is nice to have you on as we watch the dust settle this week on don't ask, don't tell. you led the charge on this issue in congress, despite the fact that people said it would damage your career politically and cost you re-election. now you have seen it come toed and. what's your reaction? >> well, tom, thank you for having me on. this week is a special week. it was an incredible step to right an unbelievable wrong the past 18 years. to know 13,000 men and women in uniform, those who are willing to take a bullet for our freedom and the safety of our country were thrown out of our military just because they were gay is just wrong. it is one small step toward true equality in our country. >> as a former u.s. army captain
11:37 am
and served in iraq and you are a straight ally. what does the significance of the repeal mean for your friends in the service? >> very simply, they don't have to lie about who they are any longer. that when someone says who are you writing a letter home to, they don't have to lie about who that person is. it is critically important. i joined the army when i was 19 years of age back in 1993. i was on active duty, served two deployments and i saw so many great leaders get thrown out of the military because they were gay, not for misconduct. if there is misconduct, if you are gay or straight, throw you out, reprimand, prosecute you but just because you are gay it was wrong. it cost the american taxpayer 1. billion and hurt our national security. >> let's talk about the numbers. it is over 14,000 service members ousted under this law, basically two people a day on average.
11:38 am
have you talked to any former military members who were ousted that are looking to reenlist right away? >> i have and that's the most encouraging thing. here are people who have been discriminated against by our country, who are now saying, i'm going to put it in the past. i'm willing to sign up, to take an oath to support and defend the constitution against all enemies. they are willing to do that because they love our country and are willing to do what is necessary to keep us safe and that is tremendous and frankly, thomas, it is inspiring. >> you are now running for attorney general of pennsylvania. what about heading back to washington, d.c.? is that something you consider on the heels of a victory? >> it was great to serve for four years, but most folks knew that don't ask, don't tell was wrong. we luckily got it passed in the house of representatives, the senate and now it is law. and i do want to give kudos to president obama. in his first state of the union address he was very clear we were going to repeat don't ask can, don't tell this year and we
11:39 am
got it done last test december. but it was an honest to serve in the military and the congress, but i'm back home now in pennsylvania where i belong and i look forward to being the next pennsylvania attorney general and frankly, thomas, i'm going to make history because we will be the first democrat elected attorney general in our great state here. >> patrick murphy, thank you, sir. appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you, thomas. i promise you'll get better. i have so much support from people i don't even know. i know that sounds creepy but they are so nice and caring and they don't ever want me to die. >> that video is not only part of a police investigation in to the death of jame rodmeyer but a reminder of the bullying that drove him to commit suicide last week. much like it did to tyler who died one year ago today. but some remarkable positives are emerging from tyler's story.
11:40 am
the point foundation set up an academic scholarship in his honor. the largest scholarship program in the country. and my guest is derek miller handily. he's the first student to receive the scholarship. it is nice to have you on this morning. i wanted to have you on so we could talk about this and know that we have the tyler clementi's family full blessing from their family about the scholarship. >> yes. >> we want to to honor tyler and his memory. what does it mean to you personally to be the first to receive the scholarship. >> it is deeply moving because my own story is not that dissimilar from any other young person who experienced hate through bullying, harassment and violence. it's the reason i got in to the advocacy work that proceeded my pursuits now which the foundation is supporting. >> so many incidents have been documented of how bad lbgt youth bullying is in this country.
11:41 am
despite the positive efforts with the it gets better campaign, the trevor project, glisten. there are countless number of kids that are suffering. why do you think this is such a deep-rooted problem in this country. >> i think it is because our country has a lot of deep-rooted problems. there's so many things that go in to the factors that contribute to bullying and that support bullying. in order to address it we have to address a lot of issues that are happening in our communities. that was the case for me and i think it doesn't matter where you come from, what walk of life, whether you are in middle, high school or college, these issues permeate every aspect of our lives. >> do you think you carry an extra responsibility as a role model, having been this given this scholarship in tyler's memory. >> it is a bit intimidating but it is such a huge honor. i carry that responsibility with the most respect it is something
11:42 am
that means a lot to mee me because i have always wanted to be able to impact the world in a way i could help to make it better for the next person. i got to this work because i didn't want this to happen to anyone else. >> pay it forward. nice to meet you and congratulations on being the recipient of that scholarship. i want to point out that there are websites if you are concerned about someone in your life or interested in the point foundation and learning more. there's the website information for the point foundation, the trevor project, athlete ally which is my hudson taylor, which is great. college coaches and student athletes can pledge their support for tolerance as well as but all of those websites are great resources for you. congressman issa is blasting the energy project as a job's killer. this at the same time that obama is getting hit by the environmental community for not
11:43 am
doing enough. we will look at the top things the president must do now to turn his green agenda around. "hey wrinkle face!"
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darryl issa holding a hearing on the energy policy. he is grilling members of the administration about the push to create green jobs and whether it helped the economy. another issue addressed the government's recent $528 million investment in a solar energy company that has since gone bankrupt. when president obama won his party's nomination three years ago, he pledged an era of change where global conservation took a top priority. take a listen. >> america, this is our moment! this is our time! our time to turn the page and the policy of the past. this is the moment when the
11:47 am
oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal. >> since then the planet experienced everything from extreme weather and earthquakes and tsunamis and oil spills. while the president's environmental policy seems to have lost its momentum. a new piece in "rolling stone" addresses that subject. jeff goodall wrote the article and is joining me to talk about it. to hear him back then you can hear he has the sound and audience behind him. it is incredible, at least with the passion and determination he is showing to focus on green energy and moving forward. where have the policies gone over the years? >> basically nowhere is part of the problem. that's what is so deeply disappointing to environmentalist and clean energy advocates and people concerned about national security. it hasn't pushed this very hard. he's been largely silent on the defining issue of our time, which is climate change. he talked about it in the
11:48 am
campaign and nothing now. >> there are ten thin things you list in your article. ones that don't match up, what are they. >> number one is his failure to use the bully pulpit to talk about climate change and discuss the risks of our changing climate, to even have a policy discussion of any sort. in the early part of his administration, he pushed a cap and trade legislation a little bit, but then abandoned that and it has gone nowhere since then. number one is the failure to engage at all on a discussion about this. another thing would be more practical matters are regulation. the 2006 supreme court decision allows the epa to regulate green house gas emissions. he's done nothing with that. >> when you talk about the bully pulpit not being used, critics say it is a boondoggle and the house is citing the $528 million
11:49 am
investment in a company that is bankrupt. they talk about disbanding the eric pa. where do you think the conversation stand s in washington, d.c.? is everyone on different polar opposites? >> this is all playing shem short-term politics. there's no question the biggest economic opportunity of our time is getting off of fossil fuels and moving to other energy. we are going to run out of coal and oil. china understands this. we need to move to different kinds of energy. >> green energy doesn't speak to big oil. >> of course. that is why it a big problem. it has a lot of power in washington with and spends a lot donating to campaigns. >> nice to see you. rolling stone contributing editor jim goodell. facebook users freaking out over to changes to their home pages and news feeds. maybe you have noticed and if
11:50 am
that weren't enough to handle for people around the globe, r.e.m. is rocking their fans with a big announcement. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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it's the end of r.e.m. as we know it, the athens, georgia based rock group has called it quits. on the band's website, michael stipe said it wasn't an easy decision but all things must end and we wanted to do it right to do it our way. known for their guitar sound and he is so teric lyrics, "losing my religion", and of course "it's the end of the world as we know it." headlines trending on twitter, new facebook, everybody on the internet is outraged over changes the social networking site implemented this week.
11:54 am
they host two top stories, tailored to the user which likens to your own personal newspaper. the redesign works a little more like twitter and google plus. facebook's top competitors in the social media market. what has really gotten everybody ticked off, a new ticker to keep track of. we here have been down this road before. users threatening a mass exo dus after the newsfeed was first introduced in 2006 and then in 2008. but participation in the social network has only continued to grow and there are more changes on the way. yeah, mark zuckerberg is set to announce new entertainment features. we can only guess how users are going to react to that one. that will do it for me. thanks for your time. i'm see you tomorrow, every weekday morning.
11:55 am
craig melvin is here to pick things up next. did you get bugged out by facebook? >> no, it's one of those things folks complain about it but no one will go. no one will drop their facebook account. >> we get used to it. >> here we go again. can congress avoid a government shutdown? that debate is back. i'll talk to congressman phil roe from tennessee and being hailed a hero in his home state. shocking tape showing a new disturbing trend, cage fighting kids. where it's happening next right here on msnbc. ♪ ♪ [ dog barks ] [ birds chirping ]
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[ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] half a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. good day, we are covering the big news, another funding failure. lawmakers have until next friday to get the government running. last night they voted no and stop a stop gap spending bill. >> the yas 195 and 230 nays and
11:59 am
the motion is not adopted. >> here we go again. the house rejected a continuing resolution that would have funded a government through november 18th, making a government shutdown a possibility again. >> we're now watching the tea party shut down movie for the third time this year. >> in case you missed the first two times. >> some democratics are predicting a shutdown when current funding runs out march 4th. >> there was the time in february. >> that was the worst outcome. if we end up shutting down the government -- >> that rolled to march. >> it could lead to a shutdown if government funding isn't approved past march 4th. >> then into april. >> the choice facing leaders this week, fund the government by friday night or see part of it shutdown. back then republicans starting to consider harry reid. >> we're asking senator reid one thing, pass a bill, be a


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